Dr. Elizabeth Elliott, ND LAC

Dr. Elizabeth Elliott received a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine as well as a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Prior to starting her private practice, she had been in a group practice from 2009-2013, during which time she completed a two year residency specializing in Women’s Health and hormone balancing. She also has additional training in the treatment of depression and anxiety, supportive cancer care, chronic disease, pediatrics, and the treatment of chronic pain or injuries. Dr. Elliott has additional certification from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in supportive cancer care. 

Passionate about public education, Dr. Elliott has given a wide variety of educational lectures including: The 2011 Cancer Survivorship Conference; Hawaii Woman Expo; Hawaii Healing Garden Festival; Honolulu Waldorf School Kolisko Conference; Parish Nurses Association; and for local health food stores, support groups, and community organizations. She has been a guest on Doctor Health Radio and has organized multiple community events at the Honolulu Club. In 2015 Dr.Elliott was featured in the award winning cancer survivorship documentary film C- A Celebration of Life.  

Dr. Elliott is also a strong proponent of preventive health education and having holistic care becoming accessible to all. For the 8 years prior to her work in Hawaii, Dr. Elliott worked in local community clinics providing medical care to underserved populations. She feels that these experiences shaped her ability to communicate well with a wide variety of patients, and tries to adhere to the idea of “meeting people where they’re at.”

Beyond her formal schooling, Dr. Elliott visited China for a month to further her knowledge and training in Qi Gung and Classical Chinese Medical theory. She has had additional mentorship in Five Element Acupuncture, a unique style of acupuncture designed to address the deepest causes of mental, emotional, and physical imbalance. From her exceptional teachers she learned that every person and their ailments are unique and that a key to understanding disease patterns in the human body lies in understanding the patterns of nature as a whole.

As Dr. Elliott’s primary treatment tools she uses acupuncture, both Chinese and Western botanicals, nutrition, homeopathy, and physical medicine. She has the same goal for all of her patients: to look at all aspects of an individual’s health to identify and treat the root cause of disease and imbalance, and to help them live their lives joyfully and to their fullest potential.